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Interpreter Dispatch Software

  • Improves Interpreter response time
  • Enhances delivery of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
  • Increases provider productivity and patient care
  • Advances Health Equity

Interpreter Dispatch Software streamlines patient/provider communication needs ...
With an integrated solution to Interpreting Services, ID-Queue streamlines language access via a portal request/dispatch system. We know that long wait times are a problem for patients and staff. Our dispatch system provides "real-time" status updates. Staff are immediately informed and can process requests accordingly.The ID-Queue portal assists, organizes and coordinates your staff so patient care is enhanced. Overhead pages, beeper systems, dispatchers and unknown wait times will be a thing of the past with the installation of our
interpreter dispatch system. 

Communication problems are the most frequent root cause of serious adverse events, reported to the Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event. ID-Queue is a cloud based Interpreting System, Software as a Service, (SaaS).  

It operates in 4 steps;

Request- Provider enters a request for an interpreter
React- Interpreter reviews their dispatch list 
Respond- Interpreter accepts request and reports to provider’s location
Report- The system time stamps the workflow from request to complete in many different data reports 

Waste is reduced with our LEAN workflow software. The time between request and response of the interpreter was reduced more than 50% at multiple health care settings. The system improves language access, productivity and patient health outcomes.