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Benefits/Insurance Dispatch Software

  • Manages and organizes in-house insurance application scheduling
  • Improves health insurance enrollment and eligibility verification
  • Promotes value and quality of care
  • Administrative reports assist in analyzing performance and trends

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Benefit Navigators streamline patient's insurance needs, too.
ID-Queue has a request system for that too. The same portal for requesting Interpreters can request Benefit Navigators. The Benefit Navigator workflow and business logic vary.  ID-Queue has created a LEAN Integrated Dispatch System. Over the past year the dispatching and tracking application has proven to be a significant productivity booster.  Benefit Navigator results show a significant reduction in wait times and an improvement in customer service ratings.   
The Benefit Navigator queue indicates when they are working with a patient and the type of insurance issue they are working on. Detailed statistical reports identify strong performers, peak service times and areas for improvement.