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Integrated Behavioral Health Dispatch Software

  • Enhances “warm hand-offs” between provider and clinical staff
  • High-risk notifies clinical staff, decreases response time, and improves assessments with High-Risk patients
  • Targets the ”Triple Aim”  health, affordability, and improved patient experience

ID-Queue integrates behavioral health and primary care services.

Our cloud based service assists, organizes and coordinates workflow, and improves patient outcomes. The integrated behavioral health dispatch system removes overhead paging, pagers and other time consuming staffing methods. 

Patient engagement and patient-centered care are the focus of our system. It improves service delivery and reduces wait time. Integrated behavioral health care focuses on all aspects of health; physical health, mental health as well as the social determinates of health. The dispatch system improves the patient experience of care. 

The system plays an integral role in improving coordination, oversight, and overall access to services. This system connects physical health and behavioral health needs in "real-time" requests. Providers meet with their patients and recognize that the patient will benefit from a referral to social services. A Request is entered in to the portal and a behavioral health worker accepts it in "real-time". The behavioral health staff then appropriately Reacts to the specific request and Responds to the provider. A “warm-hand-off” then happens and the patient and behavioral health staff engage in a successful interaction. Our system standardizes the quality of care. The system has many Reports that highlight the different social, behavioral and mental health needs as well as the demand for them. The reports evaluate performance, efficiency and measure thresholds.

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