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  The  Integrated Dispatch System  (ID-QUEUE) software improves access to services and outcomes for both patients and providers. ID-Queue was designed and implemented in 2013 to create a sustainable solution to address the increasing demand for improving service delivery and decreasing response time in healthcare settings. Since deployment ID- Queue has simplified scheduling, deployment of staff is more efficient and patient satisfaction is better.

Interpreters are instrumental members of a Patient Centered Medical Home, decreasing the cultural and linguistic barriers between patients and providers. Over the past 5 years the country has been experiencing a steady increase of Limited English Speaking Patients. Connecting interpreters to the providers and patients who need their services in a timely manner has been a challenge. Before 2013, the average wait time for an interpreter was 30-45 minutes. Early in 2013 ID-Queue overhauled the delivery of care for patients and created and launched an Integrated Dispatching System. Now the average wait time for Interpreters, Integrated Behavioral Health Clinicians, Facility Maintenance and Benefit Navigators has decreased by more than 50%.

  Patients deserve a system that improves care, decreases wait time and strengthens the health care delivery team. ID-Queue meets that need. The innovation of the online dispatch system makes access to healthcare and effective communication the priority. Now fully implemented in hospitals and
health centers, it has enhanced the organizational culture of safety and patient-centered care. This economically-priced system is easy to use and generates data with endless options for work flow improvement.

We strive to help customers excel with our cloud based workflow management applications. Our medical interpreter , behavioral health, insurance and building maintenance workflow software will improve patient outcomes, productivity, organizational communication, company culture, and patient satisfaction.

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